Hi there! My name is Lotte, founder of Miss Muffin Top.

I am an avid vegan baker and confectioner with a fierce interest in the science of cake making. I am  at my absolute happiest when I have a wooden spoon in my hand and an apron tied around my waist!

I have been selling my baked goods since the age of 13 and am an enthusiastic entrepreneur, rising to all challenges placed before me.


I have completed a degree in Food and Culinary arts where I have learnt how to combine the scientific principles of baking with an artistic flare.


I also have a love for ice cream and was employed for 7 years as head chef of Boho Gelato where I was able to experiment with exciting flavour combinations which were then applied to my vegan cakes, chocolates and tray bakes. 

Lotte Peters, Confectioner

Meet the Baker

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